frequently asked questions

1. What is the main activity of the company?

The company is engaged in asset management. We work according to the principle of risk diversification. We work with finance independently giving investors several options for successful investment, which reduces the risk of loss, because all directions are not related to each other. They are separate activities in various world countries.

Employees of the company are the only qualified professionals who provide services for trust management of financial assets. We have been performing activities in Forex market for a long time, and we have enough experience in this area and provide our business partners programs for risk diversification.

3. What are the features of the marketing plan of the company and its work?

The detailed information on marketing plan is available only to registered system partners with a minimum Deposit amount of $ 500 (see the rules of participation in the program).

Follow the link - each partner can receive detailed answers to the questions concerning marketing policy and characteristics of cooperation.

4. Through what payment systems is it possible to implement the input-output of monetary funds?

Our company uses corporate accounts of electronic payment systems. Today you can pay using such payment systems as: AdvancedCash, Bitcoin, Visa Card, Master Card, Swift Wire Transfer.

5. Is it possible to perform financial transactions using plastic cards of Visa and MasterCard?

This option is available. To get acquainted with the information about visit the section "Instructions: Text, Video option".

6. Which bank does your company work with?

Czecho-Slovak commercial bank (czech Československá obchodní banka or ČSOB) it is a banking entity that conducts its activities in a Czech Republic and Slovakia territory. It is specializing in banking services for individuals and companies. In the year 2014 this Bank deserved a title “The best Bank of the year 2014”.

ČSOB Československá obchodní banka is rightly seen as one of the most trustworthy commercial banks in the country; it has been working from the year 1964 and is one of the most powerful in the whole North and Central Europe. So far, it is one of the biggest Banks in terms of assets in Czech Republic and also a KBC Bank (Belgium) group member. More detailed information can be obtained from Official site - .

7. How long does the company work in the financial market?

Our team is working hard and it has been successfully developing in the above-mentioned direction since 2005. We worked at this project persistently and effectively for two years. During this time, the strategy of cooperation with our business partners to select the best platform for the implementation of business activity was developed.

8. What platforms are used for modern traders?

Currently traders use in the process a multifunctional platform The platform offers the best conditions for trading, a large selection of different trading tools and banking services. There is a Training Center and online support. Swissquote has excellent reputation in the world market and the highest standards of quality.

9. What experts are currently working on the development of the project?

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who know and perform the tasks at a decent level. The team consists of professional lawyers, developers, financiers and of course traders. Each of them has many years of experience in the industry.

10. How is a new account registered?

In order to successfully register a new client there should be only two complex stages. The first is the registration procedure directly on the company website. It is a prerequisite of cooperation for each client. You need only to enter your personal information and contact details, and agree with the terms of the Agreement. After registration you can proceed to the second stage – the procedure of verifying of the identity and authenticity of the data entered in the registration. Detailed information is provided in the "Instructions" section. We highly recommend to read it.

11. What are the age limits for clients for account registration?

The age of each new investor should be not below eighteen years of age.

12. When and where you can get information about confirmation of registration of a new account, login name and password for authorization in the system?

After the new customer enters his or her personal details during the registration process, a confirmation e-mail comes in half an hour, the client gets a letter with a personal code that must be entered in the respective field on the website. After that you will be able to get the following message with the data to enter in the authorization fields on the website. If the message is not coming please see the emails in the SPAM folder in your mail account.

13. What is the amount of minimum investment in order to start earning?

Each customer make the minimum investment in the amount of five hundred dollars.

14. What is the maximum investment?

The maximum investment that can be made into the system is equal to 50 thousand US dollars.

15. Is there a possibility to make an investment that exceeds the maximum allowed sum?

If you have such desire, you always have the opportunity address this issue to the technical support for individual discussion of the amount invested. Our experts will kindly provide consultation to any investor who is a business partner or wants to become one.

16. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal of funds.

The withdrawal of the funds is in US dollars or in systems of electronic payments at the current rate. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USD.

17. When it is possible to withdraw the body of the investment?

Full access to the body of your investment will be possible by the end of the allotted period, which is provided for in the rules of participation in the program. This operation is carried out within 14 working days. More information on this matter you can get in the section "Programs: Direction of investment".

18. Please tell me about the possibility of reinvestment?

Under the terms of the company the interest on deposits (investments ), is received from 1st to the 10th day of each month. At the end of the month the investor gets access to the interest on the deposit, which can be withdrawn or reinvested, (to add to the body of investment). The amount of reinvestment should be not less than$50.

19. Can I early withdraw of the body of the investment?

Unfortunately this possibility is not provided. You can withdraw money only after the expiration of the period stipulated in the program, as mentioned above.

20. On what day can I expect to get earned interest on the investment?

The answer to this question is presented above. The button of the earned funds become active from the first to the third day of each month in your cabinet. You can get the interest accrued on deposits from the first to the seventh day.

21. Is there the possibility of accrued interest to reinvest in a different direction (a different program)?

This is possible only if the accrued interest amount is not less than 500 American dollars. If this limit is reached, you can safely increase your income by increasing the number of investments.

22. What does the term "period" mean?

Period it is a time from the moment of the investment contribution to the time of its refund. Each program of investment has its individual period.

23. Is there some binding to the days of payment?

If the contribution was made before the 20th of the instant month, then the interest payment would be made in the nearest accounting period of the current month. Otherwise - through the one accounting period.

24. By which type of currency payment transactions are carried out?

Input and output of funds are carried out only in US dollars according to the payment information specified while registering a new client (investor).

25. May I withdraw an interest accrued and get principal amount of deposit on other payment information?

Withdrawal of funds (monthly accrued interest and the principal amount of contribution), is possible only on the account, that was specified by the investor by entering principal amount in the personal account. But the exceptions are possible in such cases: the loss of card, problems with the account or in case of other similar circumstances. There is an opportunity to enter a new payment information through our support service. After passing through the established procedure you could easily change your old payment information to new. For detailed information we recommend to visit the "Instructions (input, output)" section.

26. Tell me please, which way the input and output of Bitcoin is made?

Input and output of Bitcoin payments are pegged to the USD, upon the current exchange rate on the day of the payment transaction.

27. May I transfer the house currency to another user of the system?

Unfortunately, this opportunity is not provided.

28. How many accounts are allowed to be registered on the same person?

You, as an investor (client of a company), have the opportunity to open only one account. If the company finds a few accounts that belong to one investor or deposited by one credit (debit) card, or by an electronic wallet, transactions and financial results on your accounts are likely to be canceled. In case of breaking the above rule, company has the right to block all client accounts.

29. Is there a possibility to transfer an access to your account to third parties, as well as earned money for making contributions?

We are not responsible for any actions made by third parties who act as intermediaries while depositing and withdrawing money of clients of the company. That is why such opportunity is not available. We are always worried about the financial security of our investors and try to do all the best to protect each client from any non-standard situations. It is absolutely safe to earn and to work with us.

30. Tell me please whether the affiliate program operates from your company?

By using "Agent Program" each customer gets the opportunity of additional income. You, as our customer, may always attract new investors by using the referral link, therefore forming your personal team and increasing the level of personal income.

31. Investors from which countries may cooperate with you?

Each person who wants to work with us as an investor and a partner have a possibility to carry out the work from around the world. In this matter there are no restrictions.

32. Are the further training seminars and events stipulated?

Of course. After the official launch of the project the schedule of themed events and training seminars will be offered on the official website of the company and everybody would be able to refer to this information.

33. When and where will be opened physical representative bodies of the company?

At the time of the official launch of the project the first office will become fully operational. In the process of functioning official website will be provided with detailed information of the countries and the physical address of each new operating office. You are able to refer to it in the Section of "News" and "Our representative offices"

34. For which questions client should contact the support service?

By any question you may have in terms of our cooperation you may easily contact the customer technical support by sending us an E-mail: [email protected], or simply make a phone call: + ......... or click "Help" button in your private account. Our experts will respond quickly and provide you with all necessary information.

Technical support is available according to the established schedule, which is represented on the company's official website. Within 24 hours, you certainly get an answer. If for some reason this does not happen, please send a second appeal on an E-mail: [email protected]

35. How to change a password and personal information on your account?

To change your personal details you just need to go to the "Settings" section, then "Personal data" section and press the "Change" button. Of course, all of this is made in the personal cabinet. After making all the necessary edits, simply press "Save" button. On the e-mail specified on the process of registration the system will send new information and a link one which you need to click to confirm them. After this operation the new information, entered by above shown way, come into force. For more detailed information on personal data changes procedure you can read the "Instructions" in the "Registration LK" section.

36. What should I do in case of loss of data for authorization on the account (username and password)?

Our support service is always ready to resolve such question. Links for quick access can be found in the registration form.

37. What to do if the account was hacked?

Account hacking is a very unpleasant accident. We respect and understand each client. That is why we try to do everything possible to protect the personal data of investors and their private accounts. But if such situation took place, then you should immediately contact the technical support service with the proper treatment.

38. How long the company intends to develop the project?

We are always working to progress with the benefit for our partners and personal benefits, actively developing in our own direction. That is why you should not worry about this issue. Our company will do everything possible so that the project existed as long as it possible and with maximum success.